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Hailey Mandi is a small town in Gurgaon district of Haryana state, widely considered as a twin town of Pataudi city. It is located just 35 kms away from main city of Gurgaon. Although a very small town, but it does boost very unique history, which today has become part of popular folklore. Below we’ve brought forth many valuable information’s about this valuable historical town, which will surely help everyone to understand this town much better.

About Hailey Mandi
Food Grain Market

History of Hailey Mandi

Hailey Mandi was an integral part of Pataudi princely state, which was a very small princely state that was established in 1802 with the help of East India Company. The first King or Nawab of Pataudi princely state was Faiz Talab Khan. If historical accounts are to be believed, then East India Company that had gifted small princely state of Pataudi to Faiz Talab Khan for helping them to defeat Marathas in second Anglo-Maratha War. Pataudi princely state merely constituted of 40 villages. ‘Haileymandi’. near Pataudi got its name from British officer Lord Hailey who was posted here. As time passed lot of commercial activities started taking place, which very soon took form of Mandi or Market area. This Mandi in no time started attracting hordes of people from nearby villages, who obviously came here to buy grains and vegetables. With time this Mandi became even more popular and the place eventually came to be known as ‘Hailey Mandi’. The word ‘Mandi’ obviously referred to local mandi, whereas word ‘Hailey’ was obviously picked up from the name of British officer ‘Lord Hailey’.

Administration in Hailey Mandi

Hailey Mandi does have a municipal committee to look after its day-to-day civic administration. It take care of all the basic civic amenities like supply of drinking water, maintenance of drainage and street lights etc. Besides, like all civic bodies it also has authority to collect property tax from all households. Speaking about administrative details, then Hailey Mandi Municipal Committee is divided into 13 wards. Elections for this 13 wards are conducted once in every 5 years. 2011 census disclosed that approximately 20,906 people were living across these 13 wards.

Municipal Committee Haily Mandi
Address:- Anaj Mandi,Haily Mandi
Contact No. - 0124-2670294, email. secy.mc.hailymandi@gmail.com

Economy of Hailey Mandi

Not surprisingly agriculture does have a huge influence over Hailey Mandi local economy. The reason obviously being that all nearby villages and even major part of Hailey Mandi town is itself dependent on agricultural sector for its livelihood. Moving to other important sectors, then industrial sector does have an indirect influence on its local economy. This is obviously because Haileymandi town shares immense proximity with famous industrial cities like Gurgaon and Manesar. This proximity is obviously a blessing for Hailey Mandi’s locals, who literally throng these industrial cities to seek employment. We now would like to throw some light on service, which though is a very miniscule part of the local economy, but still generates considerable employment and revenue. Employment and revenue comes from decent numbers of banks, restaurants, self employed professionals and retail shops.

Healthcare Services in Hailey Mandi

Owing to the fact that Hailey Mandi does not have too many well equipped hospitals, its local patients invariably have to opt for other cities for reliable and quality treatment. Local patients mostly opt for cities like Gurgaon, Manesar and New Delhi. All these industrially developed cities, as we all know, absolutely have no dearth of well equipped hospitals. Coming to availability of chemist shops and clinics, then at least on this front is pretty self sufficient. Although they are present in huge numbers, but their presence is decent enough to cope with local healthcare demands.

Chiranjivi Hospital
Address: MDR132 Haily Mandi, Haryana 122503
Phone no: Not available

Chemist Shops in Haileymandi
Address: Jatauli Road, Hailey Mandi, Gurgaon, 122503
Phone no: 9416861286

Banking in Hailey Mandi

Today with 12 to 13 reputed banks operating their branches in and around Hailey Mandi town, banking services can be termed as pretty reliable. The presence of all these reputed banks obviously means that today that citizens have the privilege of enjoying some really modern banking services, the benefits of which are obviously enormous and have subsequently redefined banking services here. Apart from these banks, Haileymandi town also has many small micro finance institutions and even local money lenders. Although their financial services are not as refined as reputed banks, but owing to their reach to grass root level they boost far greater market share than reputed banks. Overall, banking services in Haileymandi is pretty satisfactory and are completely meeting acceptable standards.

Canara Bank
Address: Plot No.40, Ward No.4, Rly Station Rd, Gurgoan, Hailey Mandi 123504
Phone no: 0124-2671045

YES Bank
Address: Ground floor, Khewat no. 1070/1145, killa no. 140/6/1, 5-0, Pataudi road, Po Haily mandi, District, gurgaon, pin 122504
Phone no: 9466911704

Address: Ward NO.3, Pataudi ROAD, Hailey Mandi, Gurgaon, Haryana PIN CODE 122504
IFSC Code: ICIC0002826
Phone no: Not available

Syndicate Bank
Address: OPP Shiv Murthi Hailey Mandi Road, Tehsil Pataudi, Gurgaon, Haryana, 123503
IFSC Code: SYNB0008240

Axis Bank
Address: B.O. Haily Mandi Branch Manager, The Gurgaon Central Cooperative Bank Ltd, Hailly Mandi, Pataudi, Haryana

Safety and Security in Hailey Mandi

Haileymandi is very much a safe and secure town. Criminal activities – be it serious criminal activities or pity criminal activities – have always been low in this town. Nonetheless, a local police station operating in neighboring town of Pataudi does continuously keep a check on law and order situation of Haileymandi town. But considering just how peaceful and stable Haileymandi town is, this police station really does not have to strive really hard to keep a tab on law and order situation.

Pataudi Police Station
Address: Pataudi Police Station, Bilasputr Chowk, Pataudi Road, Bilaspur, Gurgaon, Haryana, Pin-122 413.

SHO Pataudi
Mob: 9999981842
Tel: 2672970, 2272967
Email: shopataudi-hry@nic.in

ACP Pataudi
Mob: 9999981817
Tel: 2672207
Email: acppataudiggn-hry@nic.in

DCP South
Tel: 2869300 / 2329988
Email: dcp.southggn@hry.nic.in

Transportation in Hailey Mandi

Hailey Mandi is pretty well connected to prominent cities like Gurgaon, entire NCR region and New Delhi cities via road. As for train connectivity is concerned, then Haileymandi town does have a railway station, namely Pataudi Railway Station. Some of the important cities that this station is directly connected to are as follows: Rewari, Alwar, Delhi and Jaipur. Starting with local transportation, then going by decent numbers of auto rickshaws, then we can say that Haileymandi’s local transportation is pretty reliable – if not efficient. Auto rickshaws here strictly run on meter basis and mostly travel within 25 km radius of the city.

Haileymandi at a glance

Country : India
State : Haryana
District : Gurgaon
Population: Approximately: 20,906
Pin Code: 122504
District: Gurgaon
Time zone: IST (UTC+5:30)

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